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Selected Clips

Partial Publication History

News and Features


Will Protests against China Push Beijing to Intervene in Myanmar? – April, 2021

American Prospect

In Myanmar, a Young Democracy Comes to an Abrupt End – February, 2021

Boulevard Magazine

Troubled Water, a dying lake in Cambodia – Spring, 2021 (semi-finalist, Nonfiction Contest for Emerging Writers)

Mekong Review

Press Forward – February, 2021

Letter from Brooklyn: Election – November 2020

Fighting Words – November 2019

Street Spirit - July 2018


IBA Global Insight

Chronicle of a disaster foretold – June 2021

Hong Kong’s fight for independence – Oct 2019

Rule by law in Southeast Asia – Oct 2018


ABA Journal

China's latest crackdown on lawyers is unprecedented – Feb 2016 (Cover story)

The most dangerous job in law – Feb 2015


Time Magazine

Chinese State-Linked Hackers Monitoring Cambodia's Elections - July 2018

Twitter’s Problem in Southeast Asia: Bots Before the Ballot in Malaysia and Beyond - May 2018

Nepal's Fuel Crisis Could Turn Deadly - Oct 2015

Cambodian Orphans Yearn for Answers 40 Years After Fleeing Khmer Rouge - April 2015


Columbia Journalism Review

Freelancing is precarious. When should writers push back? - June 2018 (among the most-read stories of the year)

Pacific Standard

The Omnipresence of Dust in Kathmandu - Aug 2017 (named one of their best stories of the year)



When There Are No More Fish - Dec 2017


Al Jazeera

Cambodians spoil ballots to protest poll critics labelled a sham - July 2018

Cambodia: Switching off independent radio stations - Sep 2018

Photo Essay: Economic migrants spark unlikely shifts in power in Nepal - July 2017

Kem Ley: Government critic shot dead in Cambodia - July 2016


Post Magazine

The Child Brides of Nepal - Nov 2017


World Policy Journal

Losing Hearts and Minds in Thailand's Deep South - Winter 2017



In the Mekong, questions arise over impact of favoring hydropower - April 2018

In Cambodia, holdouts fight a rising tide - Aug 2017


A Thai Monk is Using Social Media to Preach Violence Against Muslims - April 2016


The Economist

Thaksin in Cambodia: New Years' partying – April 2012

Logging in Cambodia Dead wood – December 2011

Book Texts

Profile, Hong Kong: Reports from the Protest, Mekong Review – Spring 2020

Essay, Bomb Divers, photo book by photographer Charles Fox - Dec 2019

Essay, Royal Silence, photo book by Magnum photographer John Vink - Dec 2014
Essay, Centre Tricontinental: State of Resistance in the South  - Winter 2013

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